Kegel Ball Exerciser Purple

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Kegel Ball Exerciser Purple

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Kegel Balls Description:

Kegel balls, also called kegel exercisers, kegel weights, or kegel eggs, are cylindrical or oval objects made of anything ranging from metal to wood to advanced plastics for example silicone. These balls are weighted and are meant to be inserted into the vagina for use during kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

A powerful, strong and tight vagina could enhance excitement and sensation during wild sex sessions. Each kegel ball contains a weight inside it, so with every movement your body makes, these balls will make friction sending delicious spasms throughout your vagina muscles. Kegel balls do not just enhance stimulation but also make your inner muscle stronger and tighter for your pleasure. Extra sweet gifts for girls, especially women who gave birth, to train their pussies to get tight again.

kegal ball purple color
kegal ball purple color
kegal ball purple color


  • Body safe and odor-free
  • kegel exercise tightens restore vagina for women
  • Medical Grade Silicone+Metal
  • Waterproof for use in the shower
  • Easy to Carry
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